The program includes: the cuban popular dance workshop taught by Graciela Chao Carbonero, Associate Professor of the University of the Arts of Cuba and National Prize for Artistic Education, online concerts with record productions of Bis Music de Artex and the dance contest of couple.

Registration for the event can be made through the following link The official website of the event will show all the programming and it will be possible to interact through the Facebook page: @BailaenCuba.Paradiso and the YouTube channel of Bis Music: @BisMusicOfficial.

During the days of the event, the most popular video of the couples dance contest will be voted on and the winner will get a 20% discount on the complete package to the 16th edition of Baila en Cuba from November 13 to 18, 2022 that includes: inauguration, accommodation in CP plan, workshops, night concerts transfer in-out) and will be part of the opening gala in Cuba with the winning choreography. The same award will be awarded to the couple selected by the members of the jury. The winning couples of the 2020 Special Edition keep the prizes awarded.

Baila en Cuba is the ideal space to learn and enjoy Cuban dances and good music. An ideal event to learn about the main rhythms of Cuban dance.